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WTF Software Pages
The links to the left all lead to pages containing good Free software!  All of which I use or have used and liked enough that I thought they should be shared with everybody and prompted me to start this project!
If you see A
It Indicates that I personally like that one enough that its on my primary reload list, meaning every time I  load a machine that is one of the first things I automatically load! 
Id love to hear what you think!

If you know of something good enough that everyone should have a chance to try it let me know Ill sure check it out. ( I love Good new FREE stuff)
System Optimazation
Operating Systems

I have over the years downloaded, installed and tried an unimaginable amount of software!!!!!! Bordering on obsesive compulsion at times it seemed!  And in doing so Iv found TONS of bad software, TRASHED my systems more times than I care to think about, learned some lessons  the hard way, over and over!   And Im still bangin my head agaist that wall cause......Well....cause thats what I do for fun,... I guess?
Anyway, out of all that FUN, I have found some Good, Free, Functional, Stable software that always works for me!!!  Thats what youll find here!