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LiveDVD distribution based on PClinuxOS .93 (updated)
Runs directly from the DVD without any installation
Optional installation to hard disk in 3 easy steps
Dedicated to CAE and more specifically to finite element simulation
Includes the new 3D pre-/post processor SALOME v3.2.2 (updated, GPL, developped by CEA/EDF/EADS, France) and the powerfull finite element solver Code-Aster v9.0 (updated, GPL, developped by EDF, France)
Offers a complete solution for CFD with OpenFOAM 1.2, Gerris (updated) and Openflower solvers
Contains several 2D & 3D CAD/pre/post packages: Paraview, GMSH v2 (updated), BRL-CAD, gCad3D, Blender, GraphiteOne & QCad
Includes other simulation softwares for multiphysics simulation: ELMER, Calculix v1.6 (updated), Tochnog, Impact (updated), MBDyn
Offers several scientific tools like GNU Octave, Scilab, Maxima and SciPy and a full set of developpement tools / compilers.
Free Operating Systems
Yes, we said free!
Now dont be afraid, Dont turn and run, but they are not products of Micro Soft!
If you are anything like me, the mention of the L word was enough to give me a headache!
But if you havnt checked into it recently you will be amazed at how far Linux has come as far as ease of use, stability, the look of the GUI, yes folks I said GUI, Instalation on several destros is just as easy as the M.S. we have all been tied to for too long!
Most of these are linked to live cd or dvd distros, live meaning no install. Its a great way to try out the new OS without the scary install thing! You just download the iso file, burn it to cd or dvd and boot to that disk. YOU WILL BE AMAZED at the look and feel!
CAE Linux
My personal favorite
(At the moment)
Iv run this on several machines without a single problem!